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Conventional Pendulum type Immersion vibrators

Conventional pendulum type internal vibrators are suitable for light concreting work. Flex-shaft vibrators have specific application, such as small pours that require a minimal amount of vibration i.e. thin slabs, narrow walls, bases and small footings. Concrete slumps of 3? or more are commonly vibrated with flex shaft.

They require regular maintenance; and high bends on flex-shaft should be avoided.

Technical Data AD CFS 40 AD CFS 50 AD CFS 60
Poker Head Diameter (mm) 40 50 60
Flex Shaft Length (metre) 6 6 6
Coupling Pin type Pin type Pin type
Concreate Vibrator Prime Mover CROMPTON AC Motor/ GREAVES Petrol Engine/ GREAVES Diesel Engine with pin type coupling and attachment; and mounting unit.

-Specifications may change without notice due to continuous product development.